About Us

About Bio-Haz Solutions

Bio-Haz Solutions Inc. brings a fresh approach to the Regulated Medical Waste Industry by being flexible to the waste generator’s needs and expectations.

Our promise to current and future customers is to offer the highest level of service and to commit to keeping biomedical waste expenses low and simplified. We believe in the values of service and satisfaction Bio-Haz Solutions was founded on, and continues to maintain. Choosing Bio-Haz Solutions over the competition is a decision a potential customer can be confident with, as thousands of our existing customers can attest they are happy they made the switch.

Founded in 1995, Bio-Haz Solutions has a perfect safety record from the start. The safety of Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc. employees, the public and the environment is our main concern. Our employees continue to provide responsive and consistent service to all of our customers. Bio-Haz Solutions was established on the foundation of providing superior service and a cost effective means for generators of medical waste.

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